Creativity from contrast

Ocarra Agency (Ocarra AB) is a Stockholm based independent communications agency advising public and private sector clients on all matters communications founded by Oliver Carrà in 2016. We help brands, organizations and companies position and profile their brand and products, resulting in increased improved brand perception, stronger market position and therethrough increased growth.

We claimed the brain to the logotype to represent the founding idea that excellent communications comes from contrasts; The emotional and the rational. The playful and serious – art and science.

We work closely together with partner agencies and freelancers to support clients with projects that demand production resources from film, photography, web production, art direction and more.

Ocarra Agency operates as a digital nomad – we have no impressive offices funded by our clients, we do no company offsite trips to Las Vegas. By being lean we can offer what you need, for less.

About Oliver Carrà

Oliver has over 10 years of experience working for high profile brands to build their market position, clarify their position and drive value creating publicity and attention. Mixing a public and private sector career he is specialized in aiding private sector companies active in highly regulated environments such as transport, healthcare, banking, insurance and telecommunications.

His previous positions include Head of Communications for Uber in Scandinavia and Baltics, Head of PR at carrier Tele2 Sweden, Head of Media Relations for the Mayor of Stockholm and Media Analyst at Kreab – one of the world’s leading international communications advisory agencies. For full curriculum please visit LinkedIn.